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Army Gives Bad Discharges to Thousands of PTSD Vets

Army Gives Bad Discharges to Thousands of PTSD Vets

Benefit denial scams raise suicide rates.

Gordon Duff

(CINNCINATTI, Ohio) - It all began as a Bush era program, promoted by
Dr. Sally Satel, the famed "PTSD denialist" putting thousands of
soldiers at risk and pushing hundreds to suicide.

Thousands of veterans lost all benefits, GI Bill, medical care and
more through Army discharge scam, part of Neo-con "cost saving program"

How did it work? Simple. A very large percentage of combat vets with
PTSD are problem drinkers, self medicating in the only way they can
and, in the process, getting worse and worse. Redeployments of
soldiers needing treatment only adds to the problem.

When vets with severe PTSD demonstrate severe symptoms, including
alcohol abuse, they are put in short and unproven "quit" programs
with an extremely high failure rate. This is all part of a game, one
invented to trap soldiers and cut costs.

Step 2 in the game, the Army "orders" the soldier not to drink,
knowing the order itself is absurd. Real treatment for PTSD is
denied. When the soldier drinks, and they always do, the soldier is
arrested, jailed and charged, now get this, with disobeying a direct
order, Article 34 and disrespect to an officer or non-com.

Sometimes even more charges are piled on. In the end, the deal is the
same. Leave the army with nothing but years of honorable service now
labeled as "dishonorable" or "bad conduct" and face civilian life
crushed and abandoned by the country you risked your life to serve.

The Army learned the game from the VA. The VA denied PTSD diagnoses
to Vietnam veterans used alcohol, claiming they couldn't be
diagnosed. Problem is, almost all PTSD vets use alcohol or drugs as
self medication. End result, tens of thousands of Vietnam vets were
denied diagnosis, treatment and compensation for decades with
thousand dying as a result.

The basis of the Army policy is the Dr. Sally Satel "theory" that
PTSD does not exist and all vets are fakers. Her beliefs, fringe
"neo-con medicine" comes from a theory that soldiers and veterans are
part of a non-productive social class that taxes a nations economic
health as soon as they leave a combat zone. The end analysis supports
the supposition that a disabled veteran and an illegal alien on
welfare contribute exactly the same to the overall welfare of society.

Vets are leeches

If Darwin meant for illegal aliens to survive, they would have been
born in the United States, or as in the case of our warriors, they
would have sought an occupation less dangerous, stressful and likely
to bring about personal harm. Soldiers, through choosing to serve,
prove themselves unworthy of survival in a society of the fittest. In
some ways, this is a powerful arguement for Social Darwinism and Eugenics.

By that standard, our chickenhawks in Congress should dominate the
food chain for a million years.

However, from a standpoint of loyalty, patriotism and support of our
military forces during wartime, the concept sucks big time. Thank
heavens nobody knows about this, not the Veterans Service
Organizations, the ACLU, the Obama Administration or our officer
corps of Service Academy graduates.

How can organizations whose purpose it is to protect and serve our
military and veterans and the officers generously paid to care for
our soldiers choose to look the other way while this has gone on so
long, so openly and has done so much harm to so many?

What kind of people are these? How many Congressional offices are
siting on complaints and requests for help? It is reasonable to say,
every single one.

You have to admire the game. The Army has a cure for anything. Will
they start walking up to amputees and ordering them to grow new
limbs? "Soldier, regrow that hand immediately or we will put you in

Sound funny?

Picture yourself, as one of thousands of vets with bad discharges.
Picture yourself unable to get a defense or post office job. Picture
yourself with no GI bill, no home loan, no PTSD treatment, no
disability compensation, no insurance for your family, no education
benefits for your children.

Picture what you did to earn this punishment. You fought for your country.

Picture the people who did this to you. They were bureaucrats,
fatasses, accountants, paper pushers in the Pentagon who blackmailed
you into signing everything away or spending years on administrative
hold awaiting court martial for being sick.

How long will it take the Obama administration to find these vets,
not really vets, since, no matter how much combat they saw or how
much they served, they are no longer vets. They signed that away. You
can't be a vet with a bad discharge. Nice game, huh?

Will the VA start searching for them, finding how many are living
under bridges, how many are unemployed and how many are dead? I don't
remember Secretary Shensiki mentioning that one.

Did Secretary Gates mention that he was going to offer a blanket
review of all bad discharges to make sure the military didn't create
a sick game to victimize our troops? Are they being contacted,
brought in, getting legal help and medical evaluations?

What are we doing to undo this criminal misconduct on the part of the
Department of Defense?

Between that agency and the VA: It is widely known that the mantra
is, "Maybe, if we wait long enough, they will all give up or die."

It has always worked well in the past, why give up a successful
approach that has served so well in the past?

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